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Place of Origin VOE14518349
Brand Name VOE14594697
Certification VOE14531360
Model Number VOE14518349
Minimum Order Quantity 1 PC
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Carton, plywood box
Delivery Time 3-5 Days
Payment Terms Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability 10000 PCS per Month

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Product Details
Type EC700B Application EC290B
Service MINING Equipment EXCAVATOR
Packing CARTON
High Light

excavator repair parts


electronic pressure sensor

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Product Description

Product Description

HYUNSANG EXCAVATOR ECU CONTROLLER FOR VOE14518349 14518349 VOE14594697 14594697

VOE14531360 14531360 EC290B EC700B


Packing and Shipping

Usually, cartoon packing is for goods below 30KG.

Plywood box packing is for over 30KG.

Packing: Netraul packing, Hyunsang packing, and Original packing.

Shipping: By international express( DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS,etc.) , shipping time is 3-5 days.

By air, shipping time is about a week.

By sea, shipping time is about 20-40 days.





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32A0466 41A0003 00A0044 50A0004 52A0017 21C0004 60A0015 47C0031
16C0002 61A0019 34C0037 52C0172 56A0028 53C0006 60A0014 47C0080
20A0002 53A0009 51C0031 56A0030 37C0001 53C0005 54A0008 47C0219
20C0044 23B0010 41C0001 37C0002 62A0010 39C0023 55A0007 40D0156
20C0051 56A0007 51C0054 62A0007 62A0011 13C0003 55A0008 10D0726
20C0052 60A0011 04E0096X 41A0104 40A0006 13C0067 11D0002 41D0004
41C0002 43A0129 11C0700 60A0415 52C0002 38B0013 11D0003 40D0002
62A0005 55A0077 12C2363 20B0015 44C0004 13C0004 54A0006 46C0008
45C0004 23B0019 40A0004 55A0064 35C0087 13C0021 21D0203 46C0010
24D0001 22B0003 40A0005 21B0013 44C0005 13C0008 11D0004 46C2889
53A0008 34C0002 21B0023 53A1160 10C0009 70A0012 54A0008 46C3739
70A0421 56A0089 53C0027 56A0029 10C0007 62A0015 11D0001 46C0457
SP102920 43A0002 52C0071 60A0416 12C0016 16D0015 72A0005 SP121139
72A0004 43A0011 42C0049 41A0352 11C0007 30D0302 60A0009 46C0152
41A0001 56A0042 42A0039 41A0010 SP102902 11D0005 22D0001 32B0099
32B0098 46C3329 95C0007 95C0010 34B0118 30B0033 32B0037 35B0074
32B0026 32B0028 30B0145 35B0038 95C0009 95C0004 37B0108 46C3271
37B0241 02B0084 50C0125 53C0054 06B0006 01B0496 08B0052 12B0331
37B0554 01B0416 50C0050 53C0052 06B0006 01B0489 13A2838 12B0271
40C0528 00D0707 48D0208 00B0013 06B0005 01B0268 12B0444 12A1412
30D0211 00A0969 47A0038 53C0051 06B0005 02C0541 12B0444 10D2907
43C0267 88A0096 46C1172 53C0002 06B0002 03B0021 12B0436 10D2906
47C0956 84A1073 46C0855 45E0123 06B0001 03B0021 12B0434 10D1781
10C0248 83A0704 45D0170 40C1033 04B0426 03B0021 12B0434 10D1672
43C0270 83A0674 44C0090 40C1032 04B0416 03A0235 12B0429 06B0024
43C0272 83A0181 34C1291 34C0575 03B0021 03A0145 12B0428 06B0001
10C0260 53C0126 34C0292 34C0279 01B0484 03A0131 09C0173 06B0001
10C0261 05C0019 34C0220 25A0208 01B0484 02D1754 08B0008 06B0001
43C0133 34A0317 34B0558 MH10094 00B0128 02D0867 06B0001 06B0001
26B0010 34A0311 34B0361 MH10094 00B0075 02D0599 04B0016 06B0001
11C0264 31C0071 34B0360 00B0012 05C0358 02C0584 04A0268 06B0001
11C0264 30B0272 34B0324 06C3676 05A0163 02C0583 04A0252 06B0001
12C0925 15B0080 34B0315 06C3675 05A0079 02C0558 04A0250 06B0001
12C0926 05C1813 34B0297 06C3673 04A0252 02C0557 27A0179 06B0001
12C1289 05C0423 34B0244 06C0628 03A0256 02C0556 11D0635 05C0320
37B0507 05C0324 34B0134 06C0625 01A0134 02C0555 MH10093 05C0312
10C0826 05C0308 34B0126 06C0062 00D0019 00B0031 72A0890 05C0310
11C0163 05C0301 34B0075 06B0499 00A1490 00B0012 72A0890 05C0307
12C0362 05C0275 34B0007 06B0498 00A0882 00B0012 60A0025 05C0306
20D0106 05C0250 34A0559 06B0433 00A0734 00B0011 21A2826 05C0253
12C0914 05C0240 35B0068 06B0226 00A0731 00B0011 21A2826 06B0001
12C1259 05C0058 37B0298 06B0223 00A0731 00B0010 17D0222 06B0002
20C0249 05C0026 37B0288 06B0221 00A0730 00B0010 17D0222 06B0002
11C0587 00D2128 37B0221 06B0220 00A0727 00B0005 11D0634 06B0002
51C0035 00D1464 37B0211 06B0220 00A0726 00B0005 11D0633 06B0002
06C3559 00D1271 37B0209 06B0133 06C0003 00B0005 MH10008 06B0002
06C0632 00D2560 37B0208 06C3924 12B0432 00B0005 MH10005 06B0002
06C3564 00D2856 37B0206 08C3092 12B0431 00B0005 82A0236 06B0002
06C3564 00D2857 37B0061 08C2385 12B0431 00B0005 53A0295 06B0002
06C3565 00D2860 36B0098 08C2384   00B0005 82A0283 06B0002
07C1278 00D0978 35D0106 08C2375 12B0430 00B0004 12B0438 06B0002
06C0631 00D0977 35C0286 08C2371 12B0428 00B0002 12B0438 06B0001
47C0136 00D0971 35C0285 08C2007   00B0012 12B0436 06B0001
46C0752 00D0945 35C0024 08C1952 12B0428 54A0100 12B0434 06B0001
05C0295 00D0902 35C0022 08C1507 12B0428 46C0850 12B0431 06B0001
21C0213 00C0397 35B0148 08C1447 12B0428 45E0072 12B0429 06B0001
21C0062 00C0396 10A0931 08C1426 12A0520 36D0109 12B0428 04B0430
20C0287 00C0395 10A0930 08C0904 12A0520 00B0012 10D1668 04B0423
06C1780 00D3037 06B0016 08B0007 07C0002 27A0807 10D0779 04B0419
37B0108 01B0205 00B0231 07C1304 06C1826 26C0099 09C0255 04B0417
07C1276 01B0142 84A0357 07C1303 06C0004 26A0163 09C0040 04B0417
06C4049 01B0102 48C0534 06C3999 66A0005 21A1399 09C0028 04B0416
12C0240 01B0084 48C0156 06B0062 31C0071 21A1393 07C1394 04B0414
51C0113 01B0083 48C0136 06B0061 31C0070 21A1314 07C0953 04B0414
46A0079 01B0036 43D0430 06B0059 31B0059 20A2134 07C0952 04B0412
51C0254 01B0020 42D0496 06B0059 31B0042 20A1865 12B0446 04B0412
06C3562 01B0009 42D0495 06B0059 31B0011 16D0143 34A0316 04B0260
06C3561 01A0134 42D0440 06B0059 31A0089 11A0976 34A0316 04B0234
MH10008 01A0129 41B0032 06B0030 30C0415 00A0727 34A0299 04B0221
89A0055 01A0128 36D0454 06B0030 30C0415 00A0727 34A0299 04B0198
89A0053 00D3580 36D0437 06B0030 30C0191 00A0726 32C0260 04B0195
02D0770 00D3524 10B0014 06B0030 30B0393 00A0726 32C0067 04B0442
06C3997 00D3040 01B0012 06B0024 30B0350 00A0384 30A0841 05C0249
06C3998 00D3038 00A0728 06B0024 30B0271 00A0204 30A0229 05C0248
11D0637 00B0075 00A0727 06B0024 30B0012 00A0085 23A3828 05C0241
89A0052 00B0075 00A0204 06B0024 30A0119 MH10104 21A5420 05C0240
88A0312 00B0075 42B0003 06B0024 26A0472 MH10009 21A3527 05C0239
87A0175 00B0070 41B0043 06B0062 31C0071 37B0010 20A6571 05C0065
86A0191 00B0058 41B0020 06B0101 33A0241 37B0009 12C0760 05C0026
86A0109 00B0058 06B0059 06B0097 32C0069 37B0004 12C0756 05C0017
85A1317 00B0058 06B0008 06B0097 32C0069 15D0217 12B0448 05B0163
85A1316 00B0058 00B0013 06B0097 32C0066 00C0238 30B0171 05A0075
85A1315 00B0056 27A0182 06B0097 32C0065 00C0237 22C0052 05A0075
15A0697 00B0048 27A0181 06B0097 32C0063 00A0727 21A1799 05A0075
00A0204 00B0035 27A0180 06B0087 32C0063 00B0002 20A3911 04D0539
00A0204 00B0035 27A0178 06B0086 32C0063 00B0002 20A1864 04B0542
MH10009 00B0035 11A0194 06B0086 32C0063 00B0002 17B0091 04B0542
72A0146 00B0035 06B0001 06B0083 32B0084 00B0002 17B0090 06B0002
64A0106 00B0033 04B0430 06B0066 31C0072 00A3415 12A0489 06B0008
60A0796 00B0075 04B0430 06B0066 31C0071 00A2121 10A4523 06B0008
60A0510 00C0394 04B0419 06B0066 31C0071 00A2120 10A4522 06B0008
60A0398 00C0393 04B0419 06B0066 31C0071 00A1168 09C0029 06B0008
60A0384 00B0429 03B0003 06B0065 31C0071 00A1084 09C0028 06B0008
32B0118 00B0429 03B0003 09C0029 20A6098 00A0734 09C0027 06B0008
30B0400 00B0365 01B0160 12B0445 20A6070 00A0734 09C0026 06B0008
27C0305 00B0335 01B0160 12B0445 20A5668 00A0731 08C2388 06B0008
21D0094 00B0183 00B0019 12B0445 20A4474 00A0727 30B0173 06B0008
21A2419 00B0169 00B0019 12B0445 20A3322 00A0727 06C0871 06B0007
17D0190 00B0102 88A0830 12B0445 20A3321 00A0727 06C0633 06B0007
83A0251 00B0102 83A0509 12B0444 20A3321 55A2895 06C0620 06B0007
83A0198 00B0090 82A0285 12B0434 20A2809 86A0258 05C0254 06B0007
83A0197 00B0085 82A0284 12B0434 20A2807 86A0258 00A0726 06B0007
83A0196 00B0085 06B0001 12B0434 20A2807 84A0398 00A0726 06B0007
83A0195 00B0075 36D0170 12B0431 20A1860 84A0367 83A0193 06B0008
83A0194 00B0075 32D0440 12B0431 20A1858 83A0188 71A0237 06B0022
83A0144 01B0228 32D0253 12B0430 20A1855 74A0703 71A0134 06B0022
82A0256 04A0268 32A0142 12B0430 20A1855 47E0323 71A0133 06B0022
82A0196 04A0252 20A6364 12B0429 20A1853 00B0014 45D0108 06B0022
75A0168 04A0252 15B0080 12B0429 20A6813 47C0110 32A0223 06B0022
74A3310 04A0252 10D1122 12B0447 24C0138 47C0110 32A0139 06B0021
74A0388 04A0252 10B0014 20A1853 24C0136 32B0028 32A0138 06B0017
72A0324 04A0250 10B0014 20A1852 23D0450 08C1933 32A0023 06B0017
72A0323 04A0043 06B0059 20A1851 23A5344 85A0336 35C0148 06B0017
72A0248 03B1180 06B0059 20A0118 23A3700 53C0104 21A3918 06B0017
83A0267 03B0656 06B0008 17D0202 23A2406 53C0083 20A6657 06B0017
85A0382 03B0296 06B0008 16D0146 22A2196 86A0258 20A6655 06B0015
85A0381 03B0053 06B0007 15C0066 22A2146 00B0024 10D2815 06B0012
85A0378 03B0053 06B0007 15A0695 22A2145 00B0023 10A2438 06B0008
85A0192 03B0053 04A0249 14A5544 22A0495 00B0023 09C0473 06B0008
85A0184 03B0036 57A1008 13A2836 22A0494 00B0023 09C0133 06B0005
84A0985 03B0036 57A1007 13A2178 22A0493 00B0022 09C0031 06B0003
84A0984 04B0005 57A1006 12D0076 22A0485 00B0021 08C2274 06B0003
84A0417 04B0170 57A0992 12C0163 21A2603 00B0019 08C2273 06B0003
84A0267 04B0112 57A0991 12C0162 21A1678 00B0019 08C2270 06B0003
84A0084 04B0099 57A0990 12C0160 34A0532 00B0019 08C0466 06B0003
83A0736 04B0099 57A0989 10B0014 40C1000 00B0019 00D2868 06B0003
83A0702 04B0090 57A0280 10B0014 40C0882 00B0019 00D1110 06B0003
83A0701 04B0078 55A0268 10B0014 38C0208 00B0019 MH10008 06B0003
83A0328 04B0073 15A0698 10B0014 38B0057 00B0017 30A0462 06B0003
83A0303 04B0066 15A0695 10A3489 38B0055 00B0017 48C0950 06B0002
00A0724 04B0056 15A0695 10A3487 38B0017 00B0017 48C0949 06B0002
89A0055 04B0056 12A0487 10A3484 38B0017 MH10093 48C0533 06B0002
84A0216 04B0056 11D0636 10A3479 38B0007 MH10093 48C0105 06B0002
84A0037 04B0056 11D0635 10A3288 37B0471 MH10087 43D0431 06B0002
82A0196 04B0049 08B0047 10A3288 37B0436 MH10087 42D0494 06B0005
32C0062 04B0006 10A2337 10A1408 37B0391 MH10087 42D0482 06B0007
31C0071 04B0005 10A1421 10A1156 37B0322 MH10009 42D0481 06B0007
20A1860 02C0540 00D1083 10A1142 37B0320 MH10009 40C0999 06B0006
20A1858 02C0531 85A0495 09C0126 37B0315 12B0513 40C0251 06B0006
20A1854 02C0525 85A0494 09C0125 37B0299 84A0462 37B0116 06B0006
20A0085 02C0524 85A0417 10D0780 41B0061 00B0012 36D0439 06B0006
12B0440 02C0523 85A0384 12B0429 57A0993 84A0450 35C0648 06B0006
12B0438 01B0518 55A0658 12B0428 57A0281 84A0419 32D0399 06B0006
12B0436 01B0513 48C0359 12B0428 54C0179 84A0418 32A0460 06B0006
12B0434 01B0509 46C0792 12B0428 53C0055 77A0313 05C0019 06B0006
12B0432 01B0505 27C0197 12B0428 53C0002 55A2896 05C0019 06B0006
00B0004 01B0504 15B0113 12B0428 50D0085 MH10093 05C0016 06B0005
06B0117 01B0503 15B0112 12B0428 50D0084 53C0055 04A0252 06B0005
06B0055 01B0497 09C0029 12B0428 32B0038 06B0005    


Company   Information

Hyunsang Machinery is made of a professinal team working in the feild over 10 years, with high experirence in genuine, OEM and aftermarket made parts. We are specialized in parts for excavators, bulldozers, forklift, loaders, and crane.
We have our own warehouse and with rich stock. For the over 10 years of development, we have also made a full range of data information for the engine parts, hydraulic parts ,seal parts, electrical parts, gear & reducer parts, cylinder parts, bucket parts, cab parts, etc.We have rich experience in exporting and now have customers the whole world including the countries Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, America, Canada, Russia, Poland, Ireland, Sweden, France, England, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Finland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, Vitenam, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Thanks very much to our customers for their sincere support and kind orders.
We will keep improving everyday. Any of your encouragament in inquiry and order is our motivation.
We warm welcome your visiting and consulting on your needed parts. We are always waiting for you.








Q1. What is your terms of packing?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral boxes and hyunsang cartons.

the heavy part will use the strong plywood packing or the big pallet.

Q2. What is your terms of payment?
A: Amount over USD 5000, T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.

Q3. What is your terms of delivery?

Q4. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, the stock parts within 3 days upon receipt of payment. the customized new make parts depends
on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q5. Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, if you have big qyt support, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Q6. What is your sample policy?
A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and
the courier cost.

Q7. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

Q8: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them,
no matter where they come from.